QSS Customer experience platform

The most comprehensive customer experience platform

As part of the QSS Customer Experience modular structure, Malcom consists of both front and backend applications, mobile applications, and APIs, allows merchants easy integration with their existing merchants' infrastructure and other 3rd party software.

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Smart, secure, and seamless end-to-end experience

With Malcom, an extended cloud-based mobile wallet that includes the most comprehensive customer relation, marketing & loyalty solution, you get that and many more tools that you need to truly get to know your customers.

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Unlock Malcom’s modules and accelerate your business

  • Customer management - use Malcom’s customer management dashboard to quickly onboard new customers and start following their customer journey
  • Marketing and campaign management module - easily create, send and track email marketing campaigns with custom templates, and closed-loop reporting, all without the need for deep coding.
  • Loyalty module with mobile APPs - Implement individual loyalty scenarios for selected customer segments very quickly. Your customers get an instant notification during or after the transaction about their rewards.
  • Leverage advanced analytics and reports while monitoring and optimizing both loyalty programs and marketing campaigns.

Let's build your perfect loyalty program

Customer onboarding

Strategy experience and analytical expertise combine to enable decision making and create value

Privacy data regulations

Linking corporate, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to create value

Loyalty programs

Applying an outside-in perspective and helping clients achieve growth are fundamental to our approach


Run the omni-channel communication (SMS, Viber, email) and manage them at the level of one or more campaigns

Smart payment

An integrated approach linking acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration


We help companies confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations

360 ° view campaign

Monitor the implementation of the campaign, up to the final purchase of a product or offer from the campaign (360 ° view)

Advanced Analytics

Identifying opportunities and developing business cases to make sustainability a source of on-going value

Take Personalization to the Next Level with our QSS Customer Experience platform.

Empower your Marketing team with winning campaigns

Many merchants are missing added value to customers and fail to build an emotional connection. The value of Malcom’s marketing module is in targeted sales campaigns that can be created in minutes and go live immediately while giving you real-time powerful customer data and marketing insights as well.

You can boost your conversion with real-time budget campaign tracking, and build better customer relationships with offers, gifts, and awards by understanding insights.

Create a two-way dialogue between your brand and customers with our a pay-as-you-go model.

Reward Loyalty! Nourish your customers happiness

Today, customers prefer to buy from stores they trust. To establish that trust and make loyal customers for your brand, rewarding them is most important.

In the competition to win loyal customers, you should give them a head start. For any business to be successful, it needs loyal customers at every step to earn a perpetual profit. Ditch the plastic card and embrace mobile to engage your customers with relevant and timely content like offers, coupons, and tickets to increase redemption and drive loyalty.

Loyal customers are worth up to 10 x as much as their first purchase.

Achieve Business Impact with AI driven Insights

Understanding customers is the key to providing them with personalized rewards, coupons, and discounts which in turn results in strong customer relationships and sales increase.

With Malcom's analytics, you get an advanced analytical and reporting platform for monitoring and optimizing both loyalty programs and marketing campaigns. It also enables consumption tracking, funds’ inflow, review of completed transactions with all details and insight into bills with amounts and discounts.

Tell us your business needs, and we’ll find the perfect product. Let's transform your business.

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Smart Payment: easy and secure

Malcom resides in your mobile wallet app and cloud and integrates and manages the entire merchants' interaction with their customers respecting fully GDPR and other privacy data regulations.

Enable customers to define smart actions that help them easily automate manual tasks and provide smart contextual insights to improve their financial position.

Malcom uses ML-driven fraud prevention algorithms that reduce the risk of experiencing both internal and external loyalty fraud.

What makes Customer Loyalty important?


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