Digital Transformation

Welcome to the digital age!

In order to remain competitive, in a new, modern business environment, where technology is becoming the dominant driver of new business models, companies are forced to digitally transform and step away from the legacy business models.

Digital transformation represents a process of business transformation, within which your organization adopts new business models, digitizes and accelerates its business activities, in order to take the full advantage of business opportunities created by digital technologies. It gives your organization better operational performance, increased agility and profitability, innovation and more loyal customers.

Our mission is to technologically enable your organization to quickly and painlessly pass through the process of digital transformation, making it faster and more efficient to realize its business goals. By creating IT solutions tailored to your unique needs, QSS enables you to simplify complex business activities, create and implement new business models, and thereby to meet the growing digital needs of your clients and gain the competitive advantage.

So far, QSS has successfully completed a number of projects, thereby enabling the organizations from different sectors to digitally transform and upgrade their operational and business models, whereby some of these are represented below.


„The reason for introducing e-Dnevnik into elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo is to primarily improve communication between teachers and parents. So far, this communication was mainly realized through the parental meetings which are held in schools. Today, through the application parents have the ability to get the information about their children’s grades and behavior on a daily basis.“

„Our goal is to facilitate the work of teachers through the use of electronic school diary, as well as to increase the objectivity of evaluation. Teachers are able now to evaluate the knowledge and behavior of students in an easier way, and on the other hand, there is no possibility for non-objective evaluation, since the school’s director, staff as well as parents have a daily access and insight into electronic school diary. Now, teachers aren’t able to remodel a past student’s grades and to improve their transience in this way.“


„On an annual level, our fifteen laboratories which operate within the Veterinary institute, receive more than 100.000 laboratory materials and samples. In cooperation with QSS, Veterinary faculty had the goal to create the information system which will help the management of this institution to manage the data in a faster, more efficient and more rational way.“

„With VET-LIMS platform, users are given a complete overview of situation and research that’s relevant to them, from the moment when the materials enter into the laboratory, to the moment when the results are complete. In this way, Veterinary faculty has been able to significantly reduce the number of pre-requisite administrative procedures, facilitate the work of employees as well as to accelerate the internal processes; which ultimately led to better planning of activities and better allocation of financial resources.“

„VET-LIMS has also led to increased transparency, given that clients now have the ability to access data and operations that are directly related to samples submitted by them, and thus with direct access to Veterinary institute’s database, Veterinary faculty became the only institution in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and even in the region, which offers this type of cooperation.“

If you are running on an outdated business model, you must be aware that it’s the matter of time, when a smarter or faster competitor, which uses technology in a smarter way or has a more innovative approach to business, will overcome you and take over your market. Do not let yourself be one of these companies!

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