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QSS Content Management Server

QSS Content Management Server

QSS Content Management Server (QSS CMS) is a modular, Web based application which enables management of Internet contents at ease. It can be easily and efficiently tailored to the your needs. Use of QSS CMS is absolutely safe and simple, which enables easy interaction without any previously required knowledge. 


Who Needs QSS CMS?

QSS CMS is a Web application that can be tailored to the user’s needs. Our CMS has already proved its application in different Internet/Intranet environments – ranging from manufacturing to pharmaceutical, private and governmental sector, education system and tourism. You should also check why more than 100 business companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to use QSS CMS!

Pros of QSS CMS?

QSS’s Visual Designer

Visual editing of Web page. Move objects as you are accustomed to in classic desktop tools, put contents on the page as you wish.

Platform Supported by All Devices

QSS CMS platform can be used to present contents on all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.).


Grow your audience and communicate in several languages. QSS CMS supports Bosnian, Croatin, Serbian and all European languages.

Top-notch NET technology

QSS CMS is based on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and supports Microsoft SQL Server 2000+ and Oracle 9i+.

More Than 40 modules

Easy to add needed functions: CMS is a modular application with more than 40 developed modules (survey, newsletter, FAQ, search...) that are easily integrated into the Web site.

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