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Today, technology represents a foundation for the efficient business operations in all industries. The right use of technology became a competitive edge, and many companies continue to optimize their operations and grow much faster than market and their competition thanks to the technology.

QSS has long experience in implementing large scale and important IT projects in BiH. Implementation pertains to various solutions:


QSS System integrations

In case you did not find the solution you are interested in amongst the aforementioned, please contact us and we will find the adequate one for your needs.

Most companies rely on outsourcing when it comes to system integrations for the most or all phases of system development. QSS is highly specialized, expert company that undertakes high level of risk in such projects, and in turn enables you to have more efficient and stable business operations with the focus on key business features.


Why QSS?

Global Partnerships

QSS has been a partner with the leading global IT companies for 18 years. These global IT companies trust QSS: Adobe, CheckPoint, Cisco, FalconStor, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, RedHat, Symantec, Veeam, Veritas, VMware.

Globally Recognized Local Expertise

QSS employs local experts certified by various global IT partner companies.

Socially Responsible

QSS is socially responsible company which directly and indirectly contributes to the development of local community. We organize and participate in many projects with the aim of improving an environment in which we live and do business.

Long Experience

As one of the leading BiH system integrators, QSS has vast and long experience in this area. Eighteen years of successful business is backed up with long list of references, and successful completion of some of the most complex IT projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many organizations increased their efficiency, agility and scalability with our system solutions. QSS’s list of references may be found here.

Leave Your Worries to Us

Without the right plan for maintaining their IT infrastructure and minimization of risks, companies are losing significant amounts of money on annual basis. Can you imagine your working day without the e-mail, Web page, Internet access, various online services, your own internal systems and similar? Today, technology became a key factor for efficient and stable business operations. Therefore, every minute spent without the available services that run your business, you generate huge losses.

In order to provide for the efficient and stable business operations, QSS offers technical support services, which enable free-flow work and quick removal of obstacles. QSS's team of top experts, with a long experience and certificates issued by the leading global vendors, serves as guarantee for the fast and quality service.

QSS also offers technical support and equipment service of the leading global IT companies such as IBM, HP and Oracle. In case of failure, this enables us to remove any malfunction and thus to make your services available in no time.

We have prepared for you the most used system support packages.


If none of these packages suits you, please contact us and we will find an optimal solution for you.

Beside contracted maintenance packages, QSS also offers incident based support services. Such support is ideal for smaller companies that have an IT expert and therefore have no need for constant outsourcing. This resource combination enables efficient continuous operations.



Thinking About Investment? Consider Cloud.

Due to our need and desire to offer a customizable and complete service to our clients, QSS started offering Cloud technology back in 2009. Nowadays, QSS, as a pioneer in local Cloud market, is offering the cutting edge Cloud technology with top-notch local expertise to its clients.

When we started with the Cloud, we decided to offer a choice to our clients in this area as well. Accordingly, QSS offers a choice between private Cloud in QSS data center, private Cloud in your data center or hybrid Cloud that connects your and QSS’s data center. Cloud has proved to increase efficiency, agility and scalability while simultaneously decreasing costs and saving time.

Is Cloud interesting to you? Find more about the Cloud here.