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BH Telecom and QSS to build the first regional Internet of Things platform

BH Telecom and QSS will present a unique Internet of Things (IoT) platform at the QSS Enterprise Day 2015 Conference on 28th of May in Sarajevo. These two companies will present the IoT platform with the following joint projects: Connected Home system - System for Management and Control of Private Facilities, Smart Metering – Systems for Management of Clearing and Consumption of Utilities, Connected Office - Monitoring System for Business Facilities and Data Centers, as well as the Solar-Meteo System for different purposes in the industry, such as management of farms, fruit and vegetable plantations and other.

This is certainly the most significant and largest IoT project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the platform is extremely flexible and agile, which enables creating and adding new options in a short period of time. "We are extremely pleased to offer such a set of advanced services together with our long-term partner BH Telecom, and with the help of exclusively local know-how. IoT is a topic of many discussions and researches in the world, but relatively few companies have serious services to offer. It is extremely important for long-term success of local companies to be one of the first ones in the region to offer such an advanced and rapidly growing services", said Isan Selimovic, QSS Company Director.

Internet of Things is one of the most current global IT issues. According to global estimates, there will be nearly five billion connections to the Internet by the end of 2015, and that number will increase to 25 billion by 2020, which will allow users to use and allocate different resources more efficiently. By presenting the first and unique IoT platform in the region, BH Telecom and QSS once again prove that they keep pace with all global IT trends and, as leaders on the local market, offer the most modern services of the highest quality to the users in BiH.

"Internet of Things (IoT) definitely transforms the way we live and work. With IoT solutions you can connect and monitor funds and your businesses from any place in the world no matter where they are located and regardless of the industry type, including the following sectors: automotive industry, agriculture, energy, health, transportation, logistics and many more. Our IoT solutions can help you to reach business goals faster by creating new business models and new business opportunities, as well as by automating the processes and improving operational efficiency," said Adnan Hantalasevic, M2M and Cloud Solutions Development Specialist at BH Telecom.

More information about the platform will be available on the QSS Enterprise Day 2015 Conference, to be held on 28 May 2015, at the Bristol Hotel in Sarajevo. A complete agenda and more information about the Conference can be found by here.

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