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Capital increase of Vakufska banka and development of new services

After successfully completion the 9th emission of Vakufska banka shares on 8th of June , within which the Bank's shareholders increased the capital with an additional 6 million BAM, the share capital increased to 22,503,900.00 BAM, divided into 596,104 ordinary and 4,000 preference shares. This corporate action helped the Bank to strengthen and improve the basic and necessary banking parameters prescribed by the Federal Banking Agency, and shareholders expressed their full commitment to strengthening the Bank position towards meeting the set target, and becoming a leading bank owned by local investors.

In cooperation with the Supervisory Board, the Bank's management works not only on the strengthening the capital position, but also undertakes operational activities aimed at raising the quality of existing and implementation of new banking services aimed at providing the best services to its clients.

In accordance with this, an Agreement on Strategic Cooperation in the field of implementation of the latest IT infrastructure, development of new banking services and application of agile technical processes as fundamental support to modern banks’ business has been signed between the Vakufska banka dd Sarajevo and QSS doo Sarajevo. Vakufska banka and QSS have chosen Cisco Systems company for fast, safe, long-term and cost-effective development of new infrastructure. The Cisco Systems have been chosen as the world's leading IT company for system processing, security and information sharing.


Vakufska banka


After signing of this important contract, the director of QSS company Mr. Isan Selimović, said: "We are delighted to continue the cooperation with local companies and investors on such important projects for the local economy, where we are able to create new long-term value for both local as well as regional and world markets based on local knowledge, resources and innovation. I believe that other organizations in the BiH, regardless of their capital origin, should open to local companies in this way and together with them help in growth and development of the domestic economy."

Director of the Vakufska banka, Mr. Mirzet Ribic said: "Vakufska banka, as a local bank, builds its strategy on stronger focus of financing BiH citizens, small and medium enterprises as well as provision of financial services based on modern technologies. In order to realise the set plans and goals we see the need for establishing cooperation and building the positive atmosphere within BiH economy in order to promote the successful BiH companies. The IT Sector, as one of the important sectors of BiH economy, should be the subject to such efforts and improvements. Realizing this cooperation, we shall enable the introduction of modern technology in our business and provide our customers cheaper, safer, more flexible and faster operations with our Bank. "

By signing this Agreement and establishing partnerships with prominent companies QSS and Cisco Systems, the Vakufska banka created conditions to offer standard as well as new banking services unique at BiH market, all based on strategic goals of the Bank’s owners as well as in accordance with modern business models and methodologies in the banking sector, and to the complete satisfaction of its numerous clients.

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