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"My Immunization Calendar" application available soon for iOS and Android platforms

In order to raise awareness about the timely vaccination of newborn babies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with UNICEF, the Public Health Institute of the FBiH and the Public Health Institute of RS, a new application "My Calendar of Immunization" was created in QSS implementation. This application provides parents and caregivers with excellent insights when and which vaccines should be received by their child, all for the purpose of full health care for their child.

After installing the application, the user simply chooses one of the two entities or the district in which he/she lives, chooses the language, the municipality, and comes to the homepage. With few clicks, the user enters information about the child (name, surname, gender and date of birth), and is able to monitor and edit the immunization calendar for their child. The application will inform users via a notification about the missed or delayed vaccination, and offers advice to the user how to resolve the situation.

"My Immunization Calendar" through the map provides information about the health centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the exact location, address, telephone number and website of the health center. By locating the user, the application shows the locations of the nearest health centers.

With the application, users will be able to get the latest information related to immunization and child protection. "My Immunization Calendar" works in offline mode, which means users will be able to edit the calendar even when they do not have access to the Internet. The application will be available soon to users for iOS and Android platforms.

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