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The new Raiffeisen Leasing website is implemented on the QSS CMS

Raiffeisen Leasing has announced its new website, which is available at The website has a new design and numerous new features are offered to all visitors and potential users of the service.

By visiting the site, users are able to experience a completely new and improved user experience, regardless of which device they have, since the page is optimized for touch screen usage. In addition, the site is optimized for all screen sizes, so there are no obstacles for a new and better user experience.

On this website, users can find the necessary information about the products and services offered by Raiffeisen Leasing, from what is leasing, to more detailed information on what Raiffeisen Leasing finances. Also, users can get information on used leasing items, and what gives a special quality to the new website is a lease calculator. This tool, which is available to visitors, significantly facilitates the decision-making process of potential users of Raiffeisen Leasing services. In addition, users can also be informed of the necessary conditions for the use of services, whether they are natural or legal persons.

Like many other websites that have been implemented by QSS, this site will be hosted in a modern QSS data center.

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