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Partnership marked by the development of the official application for the Sarajevo Film Festival

For several years now, QSS d.o.o. Sarajevo has been operating in partnership with one of the biggest and most prominent festivals in Europe - the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF). The flexibility and scalability, that QSS Cloud delivers, enable a safe, reliable and smooth operation throughout the entire SFF operation, which volume and quality are higher every year. This year's collaboration, besides providing cloud services, was marked by the development of the official SFF mobile application for iOS and Android platforms.

With the application, users will be able to get the latest news and information related to SFF and events within the festival, films and their dates of display, as well as to view the map of festival locations. Work on the application will continue in the following years, where the application will continue to be upgraded with new functionalities, in order to provide a complete and better experience for the end users and visitors to the festival.

You can download the application by clicking on one of the following links:

Apple iOS


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