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Your trusted partner for end-to-end IT solutions with 25+ years of proven success

Founded in 1997, QSS is a world-class, award-winning software, system integration, and Cloud provider delivering market-proven solutions to the Fintech, Telco, Government, and Banking industries, with an exceptional track record of successful implementations.

Bespoke software development

Creating tailored solutions for your unique business needs

QSS provides custom software development designed to meet specific client requirements. Our tailored solutions ensure that businesses achieve their objectives with precision and efficiency, delivering high-quality, scalable software that adapts to changing needs.

Our solutions

Stay competitive with value-added services

QSS offers innovative, award-winning, and flexible client-centric solutions developed with the highest code of conduct. We meet customer satisfaction by enriching our product range with industry-leading, sophisticated solutions that enhance our value proposition.

Advanced Cloud technology implementation

Harnessing the power of the Cloud

QSS specializes in implementing advanced cloud technologies that enhance business operations. From cloud migration to managing multi-cloud environments, our solutions offer scalability, flexibility, and security, optimizing IT infrastructure and driving innovation.

Product development

Security and quality - The must-haves of product development

In the fast-paced world of product development, security and quality have become essential. Robust security measures protect against threats, while ensuring top-notch quality ensures satisfaction and competitiveness.

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Where innovation and intelligence meet engineering excellence

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25 + years

Delivering innovative IT

ISO certified

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 22301

13 + years

Years of Cloud expertise

Explore our offering

We transform businesses with robust and adaptable digital solutions that satisfy your needs today while unlocking your opportunities for tomorrow.

Bespoke software

Bespoke software

QSS also offers custom-made platforms that solve unique organizational problems. The platform solutions have been generated with the help of cutting-edge technology, which is constantly being improved.

System Integration and Implementation

System integration & implementation

QSS has vast experience implementing one of the biggest projects in the SEE region: Security, BI/DWH, Network, Virtualization, and Enterprise infrastructure solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions

In its Cloud, QSS offers a broad spectrum of services, enabling each client to decide whether to use IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS. These solutions may be hosted in QSS Cloud, user’s infrastructure, or Hybrid Cloud.

Agile Project management

Agile project management

We help you adopt agile for better predictability, high-quality deliverables, and faster time to market using cutting-edge technology. Our team applies proven procedures, best practices, and tools to drive innovation and efficiency.

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

We help our customers achieve advanced results and gain an advantage over competitors by applying the latest technology innovations.

Customer support

Field services & customer support

With our customer support, companies get shorter response times for their requests, information about delivering professional services on-site, the date and time of service appointments and visits.


QSS products are now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Why you should innovate with us?

Digital transformation

QSS regularly introduces new processes, services, and products to affect positive change in our business, improving our existing methods, creating new value, and boosting growth and productivity.

QSS Cloud infrastructure

We offer a broad spectrum of services that can be hosted in our Cloud, user’s infrastructure or Hybrid Cloud. Such an end-to-end solution can meet all demands of different users. 

Trusted global partnerships

Our leading position was secured through strong, long-term partnerships with some of the global leaders. QSS is a partner with leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, RedHat, Oracle and many more. 

Quality and regulation

Our security mechanisms are based on recognized norms and the highest standards: ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 22301. Security clearance according to EU/NATO standards

Regulation compliance

We operate on the basis of BiH and European law and ensure full regulatory compliance. Respecting fully GDPR and other privacy data regulations.

To deliver exceptional quality and value

QSS partners with the best

Your business acquires quality and strength with the right business partners, which is vital to staying competitive. Without strategic partners, running a successful firm in today's globalized world is practically impossible. QSS selects its business partners with great care to give our clients the most outstanding products and services.

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New from QSS

Unlocking efficiency and innovation ProcessNx 

ProcessNx 3.0 streamlines operations and boosts efficiency by integrating digital processes for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Offering scalability, data-driven insights, security, and MACH architecture, it ensures businesses excel in the digital era with features like process automation and real-time monitoring.

Check out our products


Embrace the future of IoT with QSS IoT Platform

To take full advantage of IoT and IIoT technology capabilities, you need a robust platform to help you manage your connected devices and the data they collect.


Make personalization a reality with Malcom

Drive customer-centricity across your organization by understanding your customers better. Capture insightful data on the digital experience to minimize issues and make improvements. 


Transform your field service operations into a strategic differentiator

Provide seamless field service experiences for both customers and service technicians by utilizing a single integrated system to facilitate all necessary actions.

New from QSS

Seamless Number Portability platform

Elevate your service with our Number Portability solution. Empower customers, drive competition, and lead with innovation!


We take care of every aspect of your IT ecosystem

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Customer support

Management and support


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Case study

QSS supports customers in realizing idea to market in one month

As a trusted Red Hat Ready partner we provide products and services for digital transformation and efficient project delivery in Fintech, Telco, Government, and Banking sectors. Through our Red Hat partnership, we developed an online payment application for EPS BH, a start-up information services company, serving 100,000 users—a notable achievement given the country's population size. Our market success is attributed to our commitment to technology, collaboration, and innovation.

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