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Managed Cloud services

Managed IT Services for a Stable and Reliably Evolving IT Environment.

Our 10+ years of Cloud expertise, DevOps experience, and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and other tech leaders allow us to guarantee a high level of infrastructure managed services we offer.


We empower businesses to harness the power of the Cloud infrastructure.

QSS is a leader in Cloud implementation, application development, managed services, and we are known for developing strategies that deliver on business objectives. We empower businesses to harness the power of the Cloud, and we do this by ensuring you have a firm foundation for delivering on your goals – over the short, medium, and long term.


What we cover?

QSS provides you with IT infrastructure monitoring, regular software configuration and updates, resource usage optimization, user support, and overall improvement of your IT infrastructure and its components.


Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

Data, data warehouses, data lakes

On-premises data centers

Infrastructures for application

Data storages

Development infrastructures

Cybersecurity measures

Big data storages

How does it work?

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We can help you stay compliant through your Cloud journey.

We provide you with agility and scalability to increase your efficiency while simultaneously decreasing your costs, saving time, and many more. QSS Cloud enables you to use only the IT resources you need at a specific moment and pay only for what you use. From project-specific support to managed services, we help you accelerate time to market, maximize cost savings and realize your growth ambitions. Our team is standing by to help with any aspect of cloud implementation and management.

    10+ years of experience in cybersecurity.
    A cloud-centric Managed Security Services Provider, based on the Prevent - Manage - Detect - Respond model.
    IBM Business Partner in Security Operations & Response.
    A structured approach to the managed security services based on more than 10+ years of Information technology service management experience.

Optimize your business with Managed Cloud service.

Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Cloud infrastructure, skills, tools, and applications and leverage the full automation, scalability, and agility the cloud offers.

Managed Cloud Environment

Let your tech team focus on development and innovation while our cloud-native experts keep your cloud infrastructure available, optimized, and secure at all times.


Managed Cloud Applications

Manage and scale your applications with ease and benefit from our comprehensive support covering fixes, new features through to incident management and disaster recovery. 

Managed Cloud Security

Our managed service continuously and proactively monitors your infrastructure and applications, so issues are captured, assessed, and addressed without affecting your operations. 

Managed Cloud Migration

Managed Cloud Migration is a financially and operationally savvy cloud migration method. It’s a new approach that reduces risks and helps you enjoy the cloud benefits more quickly.

Service Options


All Services We Provide


Hybrid Cloud


Remote work


Cyber security


Data-Driven innovation

The Third Generation of Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

QSS has created a new Cloud infrastructure and business platform that brings you more security, much greater value, and better availability of essential technological solutions for organizations by an experienced provider of IT resources and solutions. We have significantly increased the capacity of our Cloud so that we can currently and in the future meet all the needs of our clients for the most complex Cloud service needs.


QSS adjusts its business operations to comply with the ISO standards each year, passes the rigorous auditing process, and renews its certification.

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Realize the benefits of our modern Cisco-certified data centers.

QSS has data centers with modern IT infrastructure certified by Cisco company, whilst our entire infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by our Cloud engineers. QSS educates teams on their Agile and DevOps journey. Our consultants provide hands-on support and join boardroom conversations to break traditional patterns. We offer a suitable combination of strategy, management consultancy, and technology enablement.

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