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Filed Services & Customer Support

Proactive, fast & personalized service.

With our customer support, companies get shorter response times for their requests, information about the delivery of professional services on-site, the date and time of service appointments, and how long the service visit will take.


Providing optimal quality of service and operate in a way that’s both responsive and effective.

Customers are becoming more demanding of field service companies, so companies need tools to manage their communication efficiently, enabling you to maintain your positive relationship with the client.


Field service & Customer support.

Starting from the ticket entrance at the SPoC (Single Point of Contact) to the prioritization, passing on to finding a solution and monitoring the whole process that is entirely standardized and therefore suitable armed against handover errors, the disturbances get earlier recognized. In the event of a problem, the automated customer system provides a Report to the QSS ticket system (e.g., at the Failure of a server) after our team reacts immediately.

Services We Provide.

Service Contract

Omnichannel customer service

Service level agreement

Technical Remote support

Field service execution

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Real time reporting

Customer support

QSS support model is structured to facilitate quick processing of user requests to expedite troubleshooting and deliver answers and solutions to clients' needs within a particular Service-Level-Agreement scope. This model is based on a multi-leveled approach (helpdesk, remote support, and on-site intervention) with a single point of contact, offering exceptional customer experience.

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Technical support

QSS uses industry-standard ticketing tools to capture, manage, and monitor incoming communication, either for product support, change requests, or inquiries. You can request technical support round-the-clock through our ticketing tool or via e-mail streams and telephone sessions, even on a 24x7 basis, depending on the SLA agreement.

Field Service Empowerment.

QSS field service workers perform their tasks correctly and efficiently to ensure top customer service and client satisfaction during the visit. To exceed customer expectations and deliver an outstanding customer experience, we provide our customers' after-service support.


Why work with us?

We have an experienced team of software developers and technical architects skilled in traditional and agile delivery models for classic customer-server and new cloud environments. We understand and work across all the layers of a well-designed, modular, and standards-based application stack.

Thought leadership and technology innovation.

Higher levels of technology adoption.


Deep knowledge of the full Application Development lifecycle.

Collaboration to define and reuse best practice and design patterns.

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