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Data Analytics

Data Analytics: Business Intelligence and Analytics

Extract deep insights and use data to improve your organizations' current processes. We deploy vertical tailor-made Analytics and AI/ML solutions for Telco, Financial and Retail sectors: personal offering, customer segmentation, hyper-personalized banking, maintenance prediction, and many more.


Convert your raw business data into actionable insights and make quick, data-driven decisions in the ever-changing environment.

With rapid technological advancements, evolution is essential in almost every facet of the digital transformation of organizations. There is a persistent need for decision-makers to align their business goals to stay ahead of competitors by ensuring that companies have timely access to the data and analytics they need to compete. By providing a comprehensive range of data analytics services, QSS assists businesses in making swift and data-driven decisions in an ever-changing environment.


Data Analytics Industry Use Cases.

Data Analytics can benefit every industryand every organization. Discover thetop use cases for BI and Analytics and how they can give your business a competitive advantage.


We help the telecom industry to run their businesses in step with the change and create completely new business models thanks to all-around data analysis and reporting.
● Churn Prevention● Customer Lifetime Value● Customer Segmentation● Next Best Action● Sentiment Analysis● Up- and Cross-Selling● Hyper-personalization● Real-time event processing


Tap into customer trends and liquidity forecasts, drive revenue and mitigate risks by converting raw data into actionable, reliable, and consistent insights.
● Churn Prevention● Customer Lifetime Value● Customer Segmentation● Next Best Action● Product Propensity● Risk Modeling● Up- and Cross-Selling● Hyper-personalization● Real-time event processing


QSS provides comprehensive modeling and advanced data analysis to help retailers find fast and accurate answers to their business questions.
● Churn Prevention● Customer Lifetime Value● Product Propensity● Sentiment Analysis● Up- and Cross-Selling● Hyper-personalization● Real-time event processing


Analyze data from your manufacturing processes and technologies to assure quality, improve performance and output, cut costs, and optimize supply chains.
● Predictive Maintenance● Quality Assurance● Risk Modeling

 Turn your raw company data into meaningful insights. 

We make sure that your company operations will no longer be based on guessing.

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Provide Greater and Faster Insights

Highly Experienced BI professionals

Cost-Effective Global Delivery Model

24X7 Support and Maintenance

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Services

Business intelligence (BI) services assist organizations in developing and deploying corporate processes and integrating and managing the technologies that support them in making better decisions. Since 2011, QSS renders BI services to leverage business analytics for cost savings and improved performance. We assist you in transitioning to a data-driven future while also modernizing your existing business analytics tools and infrastructure.


Use data and business analytics to drive your BI.

Do you want to gain a better understanding of your company's operations? How about figuring out where the bottlenecks are in your processes? With Business Intelligence, you can analyze big data sets to gain useful insights. QSS will assist you in extracting insights from your data and converting them into profits and valuable information. We provide business intelligence services for data integration (ETL), in-memory analytics, and unique reporting on major analytics technological stacks such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, or open-source, both on-premise and in the cloud. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the BI services and the security of the customers' data.


BI Analyzing & Consulting

● Define business objectives and get the requirements for a BI solution.● Draw up a BI solution’s architecture● Outline the optimal technology stack● Establish data quality program and security procedures● Design implementation and user adoption strategies


BI Development & Implementation

● The development of the BI solution components (a data lake, DWH, OLAP cubes, reports, and dashboards).● ETL processes setup● Reports and dashboards design● Data management procedures (master data/metadata management, data quality assurance, and data security)● Data quality assurance procedures.

Data Warehouse and ETL Automation

Data warehouse (DWH) services assist businesses in implementing, improving, or migrating their DWH solution to bring different data sources together under one roof and improve decision-making. To assist businesses in profit from a high-performing data warehouse, QSS provides a full range of data warehousing services, including advice, development, migration, and support.


Modern Data Warehouses: For faster data integration and analytics.

QSS uses best practices and proven design patterns to help businesses modernize their data warehouses by automating operations from start to finish. Modernizing the data warehouse environment will allow it to adapt to fast-changing business needs and technological obstacles and swiftly iterate new solutions to serve future data analytics demands at any scale. QSS provides data warehouse modernization solutions, across multiple platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and many more. In addition, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the data warehouse services and the customers' data security.

Build robust Data Warehouse solutions.

Reach out to the QSS team to outline your Data Warehouse related challenges, and we’ll define an optimal way to overcome them within the shortest time possible.

Data Warehouse Migrating

Are you thinking about moving your on-premises data warehouse to the cloud? 
Whatever option works best for you, whether it's shifting all data to the cloud or having a hybrid data warehouse with certain sensitive data on-premises and the rest in the cloud, we can assist you with:● Design a migration strategy and plan according to your needs.● Assist you in the selection of the appropriate cloud vendor.● Cost-effectively configure the cloud cluster.● Redevelop a data warehouse n a new platform.● Transfer master data and metadata to the new data warehouse.● Assure the migration's success because we test the data's completeness.

Data Warehouse Consulting

Consider building a new data warehouse from scratch, revamping, or improving your legacy solution as it doesn’t satisfy your needs anymore?
Come up with a new data warehouse design. Ensure that the design is fully compliant with your business needs by conducting interviews with the stakeholders, thoroughly analyzing the existing infrastructure, the available and future data sources, the types of data to be stored and analyzed (structured or unstructured), and more. ● Recommend one of the alternatives: a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid data warehouse.● Design a data integration strategy.● Advice on data quality procedures.● Recommend the optimal technology stack.

Data Warehouse Development

We model data and build a data warehouse or a complete solution that includes:● A data lake, a data warehouse● ETL (extract, transform, and load) procedures● Online analytical processing cubes. ● Choose the best software development life cycle methods, such as Scrum and Waterfall, to satisfy project requirements, deadlines, and budgets.

Data warehouse Support

Our support operations are designed to guarantee that your data warehouse remains a viable source of information (i.e., ETL processes are running correctly, data quality management is in place, new KPIs are calculated). ● Data administration services, including creating rules to guarantee that data is clean and accurate, the addition of new data sources, the loading of new data, and the adjustment of ETL procedures.● Monitoring of data warehouse's performance and capacity, whether it's query execution times, data transformation accuracy, or a data backup.● Resolving the issues that have been discovered.

Putting out actionable information across devices for rapid decision-making.

Respond To Real-time Business Needs

Replace the traditional approach with a modern self-service driven approach

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Better Decision-making Approach

Analyze Customer Base Insights

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Eliminate data silos

Manage huge volumes of data

Deliver faster analytics

Reduce time, costs, and risk

Navigate Your Future With Confidence.

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