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#weareqss and we are looking for: Head of Sales (m/f)

Head of Sales (m/f)

● #weareqss and we are looking for a Head of Sales (m/f) If you are enthusiastic, driven, and ambitious for your sales team and the organization, this job posting is for you. You have a thorough awareness of the customer base and the competitive market since you are a data-driven individual with a strong business sense. You have shown managerial experience, and are a self-driven professional with outstanding communication, negotiating, and leadership abilities. Your sales history is exceptional! We are a place to work if you appreciate a corporate culture that combines cutting-edge dynamics with some dependable, time-tested classic structures. You will manage:● Leadership/supervisory role: You will oversee the sales division as its leader. You will be responsible for creating and implementing strategic plans to accomplish the department's sales objectives, as well as accepting accountability for the team's success. You will be examining growth opportunities and enabling sales improvements. Establishing and directing the acceptance of the company's vision and values, which are an integral component of the workplace culture, will be one of your responsibilities. Additionally, you will play a mentoring role in important roles within the sales department in addition to guiding and inspiring people to enhance client service.● Strategy and analytics: You will be responsible for putting into action sales strategies that support the department's goals and increase the company's ability to generate revenue. You should be knowledgeable in software development, system integration, and cloud services. Furthermore, if you are already familiar with public procurement, you will have an advantage. Together with management, you will create and implement sales action plans that contain essential steps for setting KPIs for the company. You will be responsible for evaluating sales performance to report to management on sales strategy accomplishments, problems, and opportunities. You will collaborate closely with the finance, system integration, and software development divisions.● Business network, knowledge, and opportunities: You will be in charge of key business relationships. You will develop strong relationships with your partners, vendors, and clients and will interact with them regularly by attending or organizing various sales events, conferences, and seminars. In addition, you will do frequent and consistent research on the newest market best practices and trends to keep the company on a level with, if not ahead of, the competition. You will increase revenues as a result of gaining a larger market share.● Other: you already know that at the end of every job description comes „other related duties as assigned “- but we positively mean this. We hope you will shape your job responsibilities by adding value to QSS.  If all of this sounds good to you, well, we hope you fit the following requirements:● Bachelor's degree in business administration, business management, engineering, or a relevant field.● A minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar role.● In-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and best practices.● Capacity to manage various projects and work to tight deadlines.● Excellent negotiation and leadership skills.● Outstanding written and verbal communication skills in local and English language Sounds like a good fit?
Apply here! Or send your application to ab.ssq%40reerac (addressed to Head of Sales)We are waiting for your application!

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The application process at QSS

    Your application will be analyzed by our Operational teams and replied to individually.
    If your application is successful, you will be invited to a preliminary interview to get to know you, present QSS Company, and assess your motivation for the job on offer.
    If this interview is positive, you will attend a second interview to assess your technical and personal skills, along with your behavioral skills in professional situations.
    Following that, you may be called for a third interview led by the unit’s executive management. It is designed to confirm previous assessments and address specific elements of your contract.
    If the outcome is positive, a meeting will be held to finalize your recruitment and prepare you for the induction.

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