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#weareqss and we are looking for: Machine Learning Engineer (m/f)

Machine Learning Engineer (m/f)

#weareqss and we are looking for Machine Learning Engineer (m/f)
This job ad is for you if you are a fervent Machine Learning Engineer, ready to be proactive on your assignments. You use your exceptional mathematical skills to perform computations and work with algorithms used in this type of programming. You can write sturdy code in Python, Java, or R. You have outstanding analytical skills and solve problems with a snap of a finger. You are initiative and able to operate on your own, but also to cooperate with colleagues and clients. You are enthusiastic about your work and willing to learn and improve your skills. If you prefer corporate culture as a mix of new-age dynamics and some solid old traditional structures – we are a place to work!
You will be in charge of:
Software development: you will be working with a complex system, requiring a high level of concentration and attention to detail. You will be part of the team responsible for developing new software solutions for our clients and internally, which aim to improve the everyday life of our citizens.
Development of Predictive Analytics and Statistical Models: You will work on projects which require you to demonstrate an understanding of data structures, data modeling, and software architecture, as well as deep knowledge of mathematics, probability, statistics, and algorithms. You will need a working knowledge of Python to ease your work and strong RDBMS background and SQL proficiency
IBM Technology Stack:  you will be in charge of real-time analytics, so your previous working knowledge of IBM Streams will soothe your work. You will use SPSS Modeller, and you must be already familiar with IBM BigSQL. 
Training and personal growth: we are aware of the importance of knowledge and skills development. So, you will be able to invest in your professional growth and development through training, education, and certification, through your development plan
Other: you already know that at the end of every job description comes “other related duties as assigned” - but we positively mean this. We hope you will shape your job responsibilities by adding value to QSS. 
If all of this sounds good to you, well we hope you fit the following requirements:
- Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or Mathematics - At least two years of experience as an ML Engineer or Data Engineer - Excellent verbal and communications skills in English
Sounds like a good fit?
If it sounds like a good fit, then send us your application.

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The application process at QSS

    Your application will be analyzed by our Operational teams and replied to individually.
    If your application is successful, you will be invited to a preliminary interview to get to know you, present QSS Company, and assess your motivation for the job on offer.
    If this interview is positive, you will attend a second interview to assess your technical and personal skills, along with your behavioral skills in professional situations.
    Following that, you may be called for a third interview led by the unit’s executive management. It is designed to confirm previous assessments and address specific elements of your contract.
    If the outcome is positive, a meeting will be held to finalize your recruitment and prepare you for the induction.

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