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#weareqss and we are looking for: System Administrator (m/f) 

System Administrator (m/f) 

#weareqss and we are looking for System Administrator (m/f)
This job posting is for you if you are an experienced System Administrator eager to fulfil work responsibilities on time. Previously, you worked with Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory/DNS/DHCP/GPO, and Microsoft Exchange with Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory/DNS/DHCP/GPO, and Microsoft Exchange in the past. You are familiar with networks, firewalls, Hyper-V, and/or VMware virtualization. You have effective communication skills, and you are an analytical and focused problem-solver. You are cooperative with colleagues and clients and highly focused on the solution and goals. You are enthusiastic about your job and eager to learn and grow.
If you prefer corporate culture as a mix of new-age dynamics and some solid old traditional structures – we are a place to work!
You will be in charge of:
Support and maintenance: you will be part of the team responsible for supporting and maintaining clients’ IT systems and services on-premises and in the cloud. Your everyday activities would be much easier if you were already familiar with Microsoft System Center.System development: You will develop complex systems and work on cutting-edge technological innovation in the cloud & microservice container platforms domain. As part of a team, you will design new systems and services for clients and internally for QSS. You have already worked with databases and Linux systems – good! It would be smoother for you. If not, do not be scared, as we will help you and guide you on this one.
Performance: as you are skillful with monitoring tools, your task to monitor system condition and system performance would be easy, and you will be doing this for a client and internally for QSS
Scripting and automation: Why do manual tasks and waste time if you can automatize them? Do you already work with automation tools like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef, and do you know DevOps processes? Great! You will do your tasks with ease! You will cooperate with our colleagues from the development department on new services and applications.
IT Security: you will regularly monitor and advance IT security for the clients and internally for QSS. You will oversee making sure everything is safe and secured
Training and personal growth: we are aware of the importance of knowledge and skills development. So, you will be able to invest in your professional growth and development through training, education, and certification, through your development plan.
Other: you already know that at the end of every job description comes “other related duties as assigned”, - but we positively mean this. We hope you will shape your job responsibilities by adding value to QSS.
If all of this sounds good to you, well we hope you fit the following requirements:
● At least 3 years of experience as a System Administrator● Knowing one of the scripting languages (Bash, PowerShell)● Working knowing micro servicing platforms● Relevant industrial certificates are a plus● Excellent verbal and communications skills in English
Sounds like a good fit?
If it sounds like a good fit, then send us your application.

Join us!The future is within your grasp.

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The application process at QSS

    Your application will be analyzed by our Operational teams and replied to individually.
    If your application is successful, you will be invited to a preliminary interview to get to know you, present QSS Company, and assess your motivation for the job on offer.
    If this interview is positive, you will attend a second interview to assess your technical and personal skills, along with your behavioral skills in professional situations.
    Following that, you may be called for a third interview led by the unit’s executive management. It is designed to confirm previous assessments and address specific elements of your contract.
    If the outcome is positive, a meeting will be held to finalize your recruitment and prepare you for the induction.

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