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Download QSS Company profile 2021.

QSS is a Digitally mature company with an entrepreneur mindset.

Founded in 1997, QSS is a world-class, award-winning software, system integration, and Cloud provider.

QSS is a leading South-East European Software, Cloud, and System Integration solution provider specializing in forging business relationships that maximize customer profitability while optimizing business and operational processes.
QSS's primary advantage lies in the vast domain of knowledge accumulated and applied to our software products. These products incorporate highly sophisticated IT solutions for businesses in all vertical sectors.

QSS agile solutions are developed on modern technologies (e.g., mobile, Cloud, AI, ML) offering various deployment methods (e.g., BPO, SaaS, ITaaS) and competitive functionality, covering all major business areas relevant to the Fintech, Telco, Government, and Banking Industry.

They can be easily implemented in small or large institutions, delivering unique flexibility and compliance with applicable legal and regulatory frameworks (e.g., MiFID II, PSD2, GDPR, SSL/TLS bid, and many more), offering a unique user/customer experience.

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