Third generation secure QSS Cloud infrastructure (Secure Cloud)

Third generation secure QSS Cloud infrastructure (Secure Cloud)

Third generation secure QSS Cloud infrastructure

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We recently announced that our new, third generation secure Cloud infrastructure is available. We are

witnessing how the security of our work and activities, our goods and achievements, the organizations

in which we work, our families, our data and ourselves are endangered in various ways on a daily basis.

For many years, QSS has been working to strengthen the security of the digital solutions we use every

day. Earlier this year, which is in many ways specific and which clearly and precisely showed all our

exposure, not to mention weakness to numerous security threats, we decided to create a Cloud

infrastructure and business platform in which security and availability of data and applications is not

an option, rather, it is built into it from the very beginning. Our new infrastructure solutions bring

more security, much greater value, but also better availability of existentially important

technological solutions for domestic organizations.

The new generation of our Cloud services brings not only new security solutions but also new solutions for backup, disaster recovery, collaboration, video conferencing and learning, distance work and the like.

Of course, all the functionalities of our new Cloud platform are also available to our partners with stimulating commercial conditions for both them and their users.

It is extremely important to us that in these times when the availability of technological solutions means to be or not to be for the existence of an economy, country or individual that these solutions are available in our country and that our most valuable data remains secure and under our control.


1. Can you tell us a bit more about the third generation QSS Cloud and how it differs from the first and second QSS Cloud generations?

The third generation is defined by the new VMware vCloud platform on vSphere 7 technology, as well as the new Microsoft Azure Stack platform for Microsoft Private Cloud in BiH. The new Software Defined Network (SDN) technology will enable full network encryption, firewall audit and virtual network peering (VNet).

We implemented our first data center in 2004, and with the first Cloud services and our Cloud Gen 1 platform, we entered the market in 2005. ESX VMware technology on enterprise infrastructure was used as a virtualization platform at that time. We offered several basic services, such as email hosting and lower performance virtual servers.

From year to year, we expanded our service portfolio, and in 2014 in cooperation with Cisco, we were among the first in the world to implement the Software Defined Data Center.

Cisco ACI SDN technology, FalconStor virtualized storage, as well as VMware vCloud, Windows Azure Pack, and Microsoft Cloud Platform were used.

I think each generation of our Cloud services has been tailored to its time, market needs and customer demand. As technology has advanced and the market has changed, so have we recognized what new functionalities and benefits we want to offer.

The main difference between the third generation and the previous two is that this time, when creating the service, we first asked ourselves at the beginning "What are the potential security vulnerabilities that can occur when using such a service?" We didn’t want security to be an “add-on” in this generation of our Cloud, but something that goes without saying.

In addition, the third generation of our Cloud integrates all elements of Managed Cloud services in the best way (security, availability, monitoring, configuration, management and improvement of IT infrastructure and services).

Managed Cloud services (security, availability, monitoring, configuration, management and improvement of IT infrastructure and services).

2. With the transition of companies to Cloud, new security problems and threats are emerging. Does the third generation of QSS Cloud follow trends when it comes to security?

As the number of applications and data used in business on a daily basis grows, so does the number of

security threats that companies face. Just some of these threats are: data theft, hacking, malware and

ransomware, threats from unscrupulous actions within the organization, abuse of Cloud services,

insecure APIs, etc. Unfortunately, the number of security threats of this type in our country is also

increasing, so it is inevitable that the demand for safer Cloud solutions will grow in the future.

No matter how hard you try to develop quality services to overcome these threats, they are always

present because they also depend on the human factor.

However, we are trying to minimize these threats in the third generation of our Cloud services through the introduction of zero-trust architecture and tools, multifactor authentication (MFA), and through encryption of all transport and data storage using military-grade encryption keys.

We have certified all our business processes, as well as data centers according to the ISO 27 001 standard, which is an additional guarantee for our users for secure information management in the Cloud.

3. How can your customers provide added value and benefits to their business using third generation QSS Cloud?

It has been more than half a year since the onset of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and it is now certain

that the “new normal” will indeed become so, even though we all probably hoped it was a phrase we

would only use for a while. Every day we hear examples of companies that have focused their business

entirely on working from home or that have moved their core applications to Cloud. There will be more

and more such examples and this is really "new normal" in the business world. This is not a trend that

will stop at some point.

Precisely for the security reasons I’ve talked about, companies will pay more attention to the way their

employees use and access business applications. The additional security and availability of data and

applications we offer in our third generation of Cloud Services, as well as experience in developing

applications and providing IT professional services, represent additional values ​​for our Cloud users.

The future of the business is in maximizing the potential of all applications, data and artificial intelligence (AI) in the Cloud in order to create fully integrated ecosystems in Cloud. Such systems will allow companies to more easily access and manage their data, and to use it wisely to obtain concrete answers to questions about how to avoid potential business problems.

   The future of the business is in maximizing the potential of all applications, data and artificial intelligence (AI) in the Cloud in order to create fully integrated ecosystems in Cloud.

Using interoperable and integrated cloud applications for companies can unlock added value and

speed up business processes. However, this will not happen, nor will the complexity of business

processes decrease if companies do not approach the entire process of digital transformation in a

planned and systematic way.

4. Tell us more about the Cloud offer you created for your customers? Are they generic services or are they specifically tailored to your customer profile?

In the last 10 years, we have been paying great attention to the development of new services, and teams

that include experts from several departments of our company work on them (operations and

infrastructure, business development, sales, marketing, etc.). So it was this time as well, so we gathered

all the knowledge and experience from the previous period in one place and created services

and offers that will suit all types of Cloud users.

As a result, we have received various services and Bundles tailored to small, medium and large

companies from different industries.

We try not to make our services generic, because by implementing generic services, we would behave

irresponsibly towards the safety of our clients, whose business is already under enormous pressure at this


Clients usually do not ask us for security services and products but security, and we help them raise

the level of security to the appropriate level.

QSS 3 Gen Secure Cloud - The third generation of secure QSS cloud infrastructure

5. The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to adapt to the new situation and accelerate the transition to Cloud. Do third-generation QSS Cloud services also enable companies to respond to the crisis faster and better in order to maintain business continuity?

COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we must be able to provide within the country the key resources needed for the normal functioning of the economy and society. That is why we have significantly increased the capacity of our Cloud so that in the coming period we can respond to all the needs of our clients for services within BiH.

Unlike traditional IT, for users the implementation and start of using Cloud service is much simpler

and faster, and leaves them more room for innovation and optimal use of capacity.

In all segments of infrastructure and services, we are massively adding automation and artificial

intelligence, which significantly speeds up the time of service implementation, increases availability and

security, and facilitates their maintenance and improvement.

6. What are the new QSS Cloud services and products you offer? Who are your typical Cloud users?

In the third generation of Cloud services, we kept our key services such as: Virtual Data Centers (VDC), Virtual Servers (VPS), Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), but we expanded our offer with additional services adapted to work from home such as QSS Remote Office and QSS Video Conferencing services, as well as new security services such as QSS Secure Cloud third generation. We continue to offer customers the opportunity to combine several different services or to buy different Bundle services at better prices.

QSS Secure Cloud Endpoint Protection

I have already talked about the simple integration of all elements of the third generation Cloud service, and this benefit has enabled us to offer comprehensive management and maintenance of IT infrastructure for our customers through the IT as a Service (ITaaS) service. This has proven to be very useful especially today when there is a problem of staff shortages and increased departure of IT professionals outside our country.

In the past 20+ years, we have successfully transformed the business of over 500+ of our clients, through thousands of different projects.

I would not say that there is a typical user who is suitable for transitioning to Cloud, because our clients come from different industries: from retail chains, outsourcing companies, financial institutions, government institutions, to small companies that have only a few users.

Regardless of the size of users and the industry they come from, they all quickly realize similar benefits such as: optimization of business processes and use of infrastructure and human resources, greater business agility, better adaptability to market requirements, various savings, greater security, easier infrastructure management, better monitoring, etc.

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