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Our products

QSS offers innovative, award-winning, and flexible client-centric solutions developed with the highest code of conduct. We meet customer satisfaction by enriching our product range with industry-leading, sophisticated solutions that enhance our value proposition. Continuous and close contact with clients and associates worldwide allows us to anticipate future trends and meet the growing market needs.


Seamless Number Portability platform

Elevate your service with our Number Portability Solution. Empower customers, drive competition, and lead with innovation.


Business Process Digital Transformation platform

ProcessNx streamlines operations and boosts efficiency by integrating digital processes for growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Rapidly build IoT solutions with QSS IoT platform

QSS IoT platform lets you build and deploy world-class IoT products quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Enhance loyalty program efficiency with Malcom Loyalty Solution

By effectively engaging customers and implementing streamlined loyalty management strategies, you can optimize business growth and enhance customer retention for sustained success.


A truly comprehensive Customer Experience platform

Drive customer-centricity across your organization by understanding your customers better. Capture insightful data on the digital experience to minimize issues and make improvements. 


Transform your field service operations into a strategic differentiator

Provide seamless field service experiences for both customers and service technicians by utilizing a single integrated system to facilitate all necessary actions.

Why work with us?

We have an experienced team of software developers and technical architects skilled in traditional and agile delivery models for classic customer-server and new cloud environments. We understand and work across all the layers of a well-designed, modular, and standards-based application stack.

Thought leadership and technology innovation.

Higher levels of technology adoption.


Deep knowledge of the full Application Development lifecycle.

Collaboration to define and reuse best practice and design patterns.

Ready to start a project with us?

With a high level of technical excellence and detailed knowledge of business domains, we can help you always stay one step ahead of the competition.