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Elevating Sustainability and Resilience Through Digital Innovation.

QSS is a digitally mature and innovative IT solution provider that offers end-to-end complex IT solutions by developing customized cloud-native software projects across various business verticals for the most demanding customers in Southeast Europe.

Enhance Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction


Optimize Your Field Service Management for Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

If you're in the manufacturing, utility or telecommunications industry, we have an ideal solution that can streamline your processes and enhance efficiency.Our all-in-one system is specifically tailored to address the distinctive requirements of your business. Whether you require assistance in managing your workforce, scheduling appointments, tracking inventory, or other essential tasks, our solution provides comprehensive coverage.


Improve the Efficiency of Your Loyalty Program with the Malcom Loyalty Solution

Empowers businesses to enhance customer loyalty, driving repeat business through personalized experiences, relevant offers, timely rewards, and efficient campaign management.Leverage our solution's analytics dashboard for valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling data-driven decision-making to optimize business loyalty program and marketing strategies.

Welcome to the future of energy management at your fingertips!


Applications for All Energy Needs

Elevate your business offerings with our groundbreaking energy management app. Empower your customers with a user-friendly application that enables them to make payments, easily monitor energy usage, submit meter readings, and access a host of essential services—all conveniently housed within one comprehensive application. Redefine customer engagement and enhance your business's success with our cutting-edge app.


Simplifying Meter Reading 

Revolutionize the way energy-related data is captured and managed! Our innovative app caters to a wide spectrum of users, including energy providers, meter reading service companies, energy management professionals, facility managers, and individual customers. Now, they can effortlessly and accurately capture meter readings, simplifying the entire process and streamlining data acquisition like never before.

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Unlock a Sustainable Future of E-Mobility

Our platform is a catalyst for the success of charge point operators in the electric mobility sector. With its user-centric features, revenue-enhancing strategies, data-driven insights, and operational efficiency tools, it empowers CPOs to build a robust, future-ready charging network while promoting sustainable transportation solutions. It's a game-changer that propels CPOs towards a greener, more profitable future in the EV industry.

We are dedicated to our green agenda and firmly believe in the importance of promoting sustainability. Our twin transition solutions are a testament to this commitment, as they not only increase a company's resilience but also play a role in reducing its carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment.

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