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QSS Internet of Things platform

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Our multipurpose IoT platform is used for consumer usage and industrial purposes enabling a quick and solid solution for any IoT application: data acquisition, storage, processing, powerful advanced analytics, visualization, and enterprise application integration.

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
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More efficient business models are crucial for more substantial market competitiveness. QSS offers the best quality IoT solution in compliance with the market demands and trends. Our flexible and scalable platform, along with our custom-made applications, enables users to measure and manage different parameters. The IoT platform can be hosted, operated, and maintained from our secure QSS Cloud environment, while the client may access application services via any device.








IoT platform capabilities at a glance.

The web-based self-service control panel gives the client control over all aspects of the application and the user’s configuration. There is also a possibility to host applications on the premises of a client or a third party, provided there are necessary servers, storage, and network infrastructure. 

Deployable wherever you prefer, be it on-premises or in the Cloud.

Fully and seamlessly connects and integrates into your existing environment.

No-limits architecture for a confident future.

Prebuilt multiple vertical solutions for a quick start.

Hardware and Third party software independency.

Device management

Manage any number of devices, extend product lines, update firmware over-the-air, get notified about critical issues.

Organization management

A multi-tenancy environment with configurable access levels. Manage clients, distributors, contractors, installers, and anyone you work with.

Business analytics

Get business insights on multiple levels: from devices telemetry to a detailed stats and reports on your fleet of devices.

Machine learning and AI

Automated data analysis for your business: forecasting, anomalies detection, pattern detection, pattern anomalies detection, and more.

Mastering Your IoT Success.

The QSS IoT Platform is built for end-to-end solutions with a complete set of must-have capabilities for all industries. QSS IoT platform is used in enterprises, telco, and start-up projects, helping them grow from the testing stage to production with hundreds or tens of thousands of devices easily.

    Discover new revenue sources, increase agility, and reduce costs simultaneously. 
    Build and deploy world-class IoT products quickly and cost-effectively with our comprehensive QSS IoT Platform.
    The best quality IoT solution in compliance with the current market demands and trends.
    The best quality IoT solution in compliance with the current market demands and trends.
    Our Carrier-grade and scalable IoT messaging platform enables users and organizations to supervise, measure, and control different home and industrial parameters.

IoT Highlights.

Do you want to develop a digital transformation strategy that maximizes value and the odds of IoT success?

With IoT technology, you can discover new revenue sources and increase agility while simultaneously cutting costs. Measure and manage different parameters with QSS’s platform along with QSS custom-made applications.

    Support for the most standard IoT, network, and application protocols.
    Any vertical IoT solution easy deployable and can co-exist and interact with other IoT solutions on the same or another platform.
    Rich built-in visualization and analytics capabilities.
    Easy integration with external analytics solutions incl. Big Data.
    Open Data available according to EU FiWare standards.
    Smart City, Smart Parking, Smart Metering, Smart Home & Building, Solar-Meteo solutions available for the platform.

Smart starts here.

Download our Brochure to learn how you can start your IoT journey that addresses your specific challenges and opportunities.

We understand that digital transformation is not a minor venture. However, while companies struggle to keep up with product complexity and the pace of innovation, they are missing out on the potential of IoT. With smart planning and the right technology, you can successfully deploy IoT and deliver massive ROI while ensuring sustained value.


Drive rapid value with multiple use cases.


Smart city


Industry 4.0


Smart home & Building

Unique and modular architecture: Multiple IoT Deployment

QSS IoT platform has a unique architecture with a built-in microservice environment for the Private, Hybrid, or Public Cloud. It has a carrier-grade Layer-7 network element with a uniform data model, internal communication, and pluggable connection entities ready to connect any device and application over any standard protocol. QSS IoT platform is a powerful tool prepared to face all of your IoT or IIoT challenges. If something is missing today, you can easily add it tomorrow.

IOT Data Collection

Data from any IOT sensor, transmitted through any wireless or wired IOT network. Generic Big Data storage.

IOT data analysis

Data analysis based on user-configurable rules. Generation of relevant information and accurate alerts.

Reports & Dashboards

More than 50 widgets available to build around IOT data, its own reports, and custom dashboards. Any sensor, any Network.

Who can deploy carrier-grade QSS IoT Platform

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    Mobile Network Operators can increase their product portfolio, customer satisfaction, and service offerings with low-power wide-area network products for unlicensed frequencies and the world's most matured IoT ecosystem. The system also can support licensed frequencies for underutilized channel resources with better efficiency.

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    System integrators & Engineering companies

    QSS assists system integrators and engineering companies with professional and development services to deliver comprehensive solutions and grow their service business.

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    Utilities companies

    Utility companies can create new revenue streams by providing IoT solutions and connectivity services leveraging their existing field operations capabilities.

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    City management & Government agencies

    Municipalities and city councils can deploy their own IoT networks citywide for their smart city and smart environment applications; with this network, they can also provide IoT connectivity service for their residents and enterprises which operate in their vicinity.Government agencies can monitor their operations on the field with the help of a wireless sensory network for disaster response, operational efficiency, and infrastructure monitoring.

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    Increase overall business efficiency with the next advancement in technology that enables physical 'things' with embedded computing devices to participate in your business processes for reducing the overall manual work.

Latest Customer success story

IoT powered Smart city solution

Find a free parking space and manage parking with Smart Parking

A new era of the Internet of Things is coming, and the new decade is sure to bring significant changes in public services. Starting with how we collect and store data and end with the way we drive our cars, IoT will reshape our lives on different levels. QSS has developed a complete technological solution for smart parking. Smart parking is based on the fundamental ecological principle that we are all connected. The vision of smart parking within the existing traffic is manifested in its intelligence and using the most innovative technologies, allowing a single integrated traffic flow.

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