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QSS Digital banking platform

Open, flexible, and personal digital banking

Let's kickstart your financial future with the QSS Digital Banking platform! It's open, flexible, and future-proof, helping you scale your innovation capabilities and deliver hyper-personalized experiences to retail and SME customers.

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Award "Best Service Provider"

Intelligent Digital Banking Experience.

QSS Open banking platform helps financial organizations accelerate time-to-market today and be ready for tomorrow. It provides the foundation for digital transformation, the capabilities for exceptional omnichannel experiences, and the technology to leverage open banking at its best. It handles all your customers’ banking needs through its fully integrated front-end layer, API layer, banking modules like core customer account, payment, and data management and onboarding functions, as well customer intelligence through advanced analytics.


Unlock the potential of open banking. Unleash the broadest range of capabilities.

Open API for easy integration

Enable integration with 3rd parties via open APIs deployment. Embrace new business models and develop more customer-oriented products and services.

Core Banking Agnostic

QSS Digital Banking platform plugs into any core banking system, including proprietary and leading core banking brands.

Step by step modernization

Transform your bank step by step, starting wherever you are with our component-banking approach.

Off-the-shelf banking products

A full set of banking products are ready to be deployed, including current accounts, physical and virtual cards, payments and P2P, credit products, and more.

Build your Marketplace

Drive massive value by offering your customers a better way to pick and choose the services they need.

Flexible Cloud model

Choose the cloud deployment model that best suits your needs: On-premises, SaaS on QSS Cloud, or any other Cloud.

Explore 30 + other advantages powered by our QSS Digital Banking Platform


QSS Digital banking key features

    Fully digital paperless onboarding
    5-second P2P/P2M Payments 
    Regulatory comliance via KYC and ID, GDPR
    Utilized behavior analysis
    A plug-in marketplace for partner offerings 
    A real-time dashboard gives you invaluable insights into customer needs and behaviors
    A loyalty program can be customized to fit your customers' needs 
    PSD2 and Open Banking directives

Open, flexible, secure, and personal!

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QSS empowers banks in accelerating their digital transformation by upgrading outdated platforms & turning them into compelling digital experiences that generate higher sales conversions and provide a personal digital customer journey.


Enterprise modular architecture for agility and flexibility

As business functions demand more agility, we provide you with more modular approaches to architecture, such as API-based microservices. Each banking module is implemented as a stand-alone system without affecting other systems. This modularity of system and service components provides you with flexibility and supports you to respond faster to market trends. QSS Digital banking platform microservice architecture includes a data layer that analyzes structured and unstructured data from all customer touch-points, which gives you a better understanding of customer patterns and behaviors.

Advance customer experience with open banking capabilities

The collaborative service model, based on open APIs, where data is shared among ecosystem players, including non-financial 3rd parties.In an open banking world, plug-and-play financial products are enabled, and customers have the final word, choosing the superior experience.QSS Digital banking platform takes care of all your customers’ banking needs through its fully integrated front-end layer, API layer, banking modules, and core functions. API expertise is highly performant and fully open – well ahead of major industry regulations like the PSD2 and Open Banking directives.


Data-driven and AI-enabled

QSS Digital banking platform allows banks to deliver more value to their customers and drive revenue. The modular architecture includes a data layer that generates insights from all customer touchpoints, which gives you a better understanding of customer patterns and behaviors in real-time. QSS open banking platform provides you with invaluable data across your entire financial management journey: trading, investment, financial needs.
Build stronger relationships with your customers while identifying patterns in customer behavior to build successful loyalty programs.

Multi-cloud deployment model

Choose the deployment module that best fits your needs. On-premises, QSS-as-a service or deploy on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google.


Delivering seamless security

GDPR compliance

Data assets protection

Secure APIs

For Open Banking and PSD2

Cloud-native Security

Cloud, Clusters, Containers, Code

Secure access

Two- factor authentication (2FA)

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Drive innovation with SME Banking.

Small businesses are constantly searching for the best ways to finance their expansion. More than ever, banks need to be fast and agile in ensuring small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provide services tailored to meet your customers' growth plans.

QSS provides banks with innovative technology to help banks meet the diverse and complex challenges that SMEs face:

    Rapid start with our single platform for SME services
    Future-proof path with a flexible pricing model
    Keep SME customers loyal, attract new ones
    Integrate internal and third-party systems
    Create a connected commerce ecosystem based on open APIs
    Ensure you have a 360 deg view of your SME customers

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“QSS helped us to achieve all the set objectives, such as high security, unique user experience, and a modern platform for e-banking and m-banking, which is tailored to our specific needs and in order to meet the expectations of our clients.”

Nedžad Brkić, Head of Sales and Development, Vakufska banka

Big Data and Analytics in Banking and Finance Industry.

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